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Dated: 06/06/2014

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Mr Appliance in Nampa, Idaho has really save my bacon on several occasions and they gave me some great tips on how to keep your appliances from causing destruction years down the road.  
Yesterday my ice machine broke inside and it started dripping water, a lot of water!  I mentioned hardwood floors and Mr Appliance was out first thing this morning.  They shut off the water and ordered the new part, on their hand notepad,  and got it shipped before they left my house.  They also noticed that a few of my fridge door shelves were cracked and or broken from my sweet sweet children, and had those shipped out and on their way too. Now it will feel like a new Samsung fridge once again. 

Now the real testimate to Mr Appliance starts one and a half years ago.  Think Thanksgiving Dinner, 18 people driving up from Twin Falls (including my 95 year old grandparents)  For those of you who know my Grandmother Ida Kaufman.... I have to be on my GAME with the family dinner. 
So the Wednesday morning, my oven dies.  DIES!  The motherboard fried.  
By 10 am, my husband and I had covered 4 stores only to be told "WE DO NOT HAVE THAT IN STOCK"  Ugh!
 Do I cancel Thanksgiving?  My grandparents are 95, no way.  
...... 11 am, I call Mr Appliance- They arrived by 2 pm, left to get a part (don't ask me how he got it) by 5 pm it was fixed. Seriously, I cried.  
Danny came out and fixed my problem for me.  He went way above and beyond to get the oven fixed. Let me just mention the part was not in stock anywhere around town either)  I am pretty sure NASA and some ninjas were involved.  Later that evening he called just to make sure everything was good to go for Thanksgiving and that Grandma and Grandpa can have their Turkey. 
So Please, If it has been longer than 5 years, Replace your hoses on your washing machines, the dryer vent hose, and have your water lines inspected to the dishwasher and the fridge ice maker.  Call 208-461-6677 Mr Appliance and tell them that Jennifer sent you!
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